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“Smart” glasses help deaf and mute people see speech

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

It often happens in healthcare facilities – you have to bring an interpreter on site, and most of them work somewhere. Technology needs to be taken into account and not constantly faced with challenges and barriers when a deaf person wants to go to an institution. A solution must be found for deaf people to have full access. And deaf people remain in the hope that the institutions will not close the door in front of them and will find a way to give them access to a full life.

ХРАІ Glаѕѕ as glasses with added functionality and artificial intelligence, which give the hearing impaired the ability to “see words”.

The ХРАІ Glaѕѕ map takes care of these glasses with the help of ordinary ones with an additional head (АР, Augmented Reality), presented in the application for the smartphone as softyep, expanded by AІ This latest technology also has the function of talking backwards and acting as a personal assistant who remembers what the person may have forgotten.

That’s it, but the subtitles app can also broadcast live in nine languages, and there will be more in the next few months. The translation is carried out almost in full time, which allows the citizen to be in the contract.

The founder of HРАІ Glaѕѕ and chief mapping officer, Mitchell Feldman, called it “Aleĸca in front of your eyes”, which is quite an apt analogy.

The idea for this product was inspired by the 97-year-old grandfather of the innovator Dan Cĸapf, who had a broken clix and found it increasingly difficult to participate in family gatherings.

“Where my grandfather felt most alive was in front of the television and reading the subtitles,” Feldman said.

He added: “If he is going to write, why can’t we write my life?

And that was the motivation when this product started to take off.

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