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Book: “A House in Lahore: Growing Up Jewish in Pakistan”

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Hazel Selzer Kahan’s “A House in Lahore” is a memoir that describes the contradictions and dilemmas of growing up Jewish during the British Raj, followed by more than five years in British internment camps in India and then the birth of Muslim Pakistan.

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This book gives readers an intimate look at the Selzer family, Jewish refugees arriving in India in 1937, as their lives were turned upside down after fleeing from Hitler’s Europe. The author details her experiences from the day when two policemen came over to their house to arrest her entire family because they were labeled as enemy aliens by the British government until they were released back into civilian life in Lahore. The clarity and emotion with which the author tells the story allows the reader to resonate with the family’s experiences and the resilience they demonstrated in the vibrant lives that followed.

Her father’s death releases in the author a compulsion to discover whether her beloved childhood house still stands. Forty years after leaving “forever”, she returns to the town of her birth, unsure whether welcome or rejection await but unprepared for what she finds!

Although many unanswered questions remain: “Why would the British arrest your parents in India of all places, people ask me, why were they there and how did they get caught for heaven’s sake? I try to answer them with just the facts because there are no reasons,” Hazel tries to answer them in this engrossing memoir.

Hazel Selzer Kahan’s “A House in Lahore: Growing Up Jewish in Pakistan” will be featured by ReadersMagnet at the 2023 LibLearnX: The Library Learning Experience on January 27-30, 2023, at New Orleans Earnest N. Morial, Convention Center, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Copies of the book are also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Author Bio

Author Hazel Selzer Kahan was born in Lahore in 1939 after her parents flee from Germany and Italy. Hazel and her family spent the years between 1940 and 1946 in British internment camps in India. In 1947, Lahore, which is the author’s cherished home, became part of Pakistan. She lived in Australia and Israel before coming to the United States and pursuing a market research career in New York. She now lives among the woods and vineyards of the North Fork of Long Island where she is a writer, the creator of leafages art, and the host of two monthly radio interview programs on WPKN radio.

“A House in Lahore: Growing Up Jewish in Pakistan”
Author | Hazel Selzer Kahan
Published Date | October 3, 2022
Publisher | Amazon
Genre | Memoir

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