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Abortion – the leading cause of death in the world

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Statistics show that abortion is the leading cause of death worldwide for the fourth consecutive year, as the number of abortions almost quadruples the number of deaths from infectious diseases in 2022, reports the Christian Post website.

Worldometer, a database that tracks real-time health statistics, world population and other indicators, is constantly gathering information on the number of abortions around the world.

The latest available Worldometer snapshot from 2022, taken on December 31 by The Wayback Machine, shows that more than 44 million abortions took place last year. Worldometer cites a fact sheet from the World Health Organization as the source of its abortion statistics, which states that “around 73 million induced abortions occur worldwide each year.”

The World Health Organization characterizes abortion as an essential health service. The second leading cause of death in 2022, as identified by Worldometer, is communicable diseases, which caused nearly 13 million deaths. The sum of deaths due to infectious diseases, as well as more than 8 million deaths caused by cancer, approximately 5 million deaths caused by smoking, approximately 2.5 million deaths related to alcohol, and nearly 2 million of AIDS deaths is less than the number of lives lost due to abortion in 2022.

Worldometer puts the total number of deaths worldwide in 2022 at just over 67 million. This figure does not include the number of abortions, but if it did, the number of deaths worldwide in 2022 would exceed 100 million.

The total world population at the end of 2022 is just over 8 billion. According to Worldometer data, around 42.6 million abortions were performed worldwide in 2021; in 2020 – more than 42.6 million; in 2019 – 42.4 million.

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