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An American woman was arrested for walking a calf in Red Square

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The police in Moscow detained an American citizen who brought a calf to Red Square.

Alicia Day, 34, told police she bought the animal so it wouldn’t be slaughtered. She decided to take him for a walk and show him the country.

Because of what happened, however, two acts were drawn up for her. And the fate of the animal is still unknown.

The U.S. embassy did not immediately comment when asked about the case, reports Reuters.

Day had been living in a suburb of Moscow on a tourist visa, the RIA news agency said, and had carried out similar acts of protest before in other countries.

The American has long been engaged in such actions. In 2019, she walked with a pig in London, in 2021 – with a calf and a pig in the Dnieper, and last year – with a ram in Warsaw.

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