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Disaster will befall the world if an ordinary person opens the door of an Indian temple

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“Sri Padmanabhaswamy” is a Hindu temple located on the southwest coast of India. The temple is dedicated to the deity Vishna, writes the site Crnobelo.com.

It was first mentioned in ancient texts (from 500 BC) as an ancient place of worship, but there is no record of when its construction began or who built it.

The texts mention that the walls and columns are made of gold, but the most impressive thing in the temple is the mysterious chamber called Chamber B, which has no lock, handle or screw to open it. It is sealed by priests using sound waves and mantras and no one knows what is inside.

The chamber is guarded by reliefs of two giant cobras, and legend has it that anyone who dares to open the door will meet a tragic end. The ancient temple has hidden 8 secret chambers for more than 500 years, five of which have been opened by order of the Supreme Court of India.

A throne decorated with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, made for a statue 6 meters high, was brought out from the chambers, then a crown of pure gold, several necklaces, as well as a lot of gold.

Many speculate that behind chamber B lies a priceless treasure, and Vedic astrologers warn: If the “common man” opens the door, a great calamity will destroy the world.

The door can only be opened by a holy person who has renounced all material forces by chanting the powerful Garuda mantra.

For the person who repeats this mantra, the door will open automatically, but the problem is that no one knows how to repeat it.

Photo: Crnobelo.com

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