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Growth of millionaire bankers in Europe for 2021

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EBA reports the highest growth since 2010

In 2021, the number of high earners receiving remuneration of more than €1m increased by 41.5%, from 1,383 in 2020 to 1,957 in 2021, the European Banking Authority announced on Thursday ( EBA) after its latest 2021 count of bankers earning more than one million euros: a total of 1,957 in the European Union (EU). Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece and Malta are in the last places in terms of numbers in the ranking.

This is the highest figure for the EU27/EEA since the EBA began collecting data in 2010.

The year 2021 “shows a significant increase in the number of people working for European banks and investment companies who received a remuneration of more than €1 million”, notes the EBA.

This increase is “related to the good overall performance of the companies, in particular in the area of investment banking”, adds the organization, but also to the movement of certain organizations from London to the EU after Brexit.

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