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Moldovan intelligence: We have identified Russian activity to destabilize the country

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“At this stage we cannot give any further details due to the risk of compromising” the measures taken to clarify what happened, the statement added

Moldovan intelligence services announced today that they had discovered “destabilizing” activities after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that a Russian plan targeting the former Soviet republic had been detected, AFP and BTA reported.

“Based on information provided by our Ukrainian partner and internal data, we confirm that we have identified activities aimed at weakening and destabilizing Moldova,” Moldova’s SIS intelligence services (SIS) wrote in a statement.

“At this stage, we cannot give further details due to the risk of compromising” the measures taken to “clarify” what happened, the statement added.

“Our institutions are working to guarantee the security of the country and use all the information from our partners to anticipate and prevent such attempts,” reacted Moldova’s pro-European president Maya Sandu.

During a visit to Brussels, the Ukrainian head of state said that a “plan for the destruction of Moldova, a plan that was in the hands of the Russian intelligence services, was discovered.”

“This plan revealed who, when and how to deal a fatal blow to Moldovan democracy,” Zelensky said. “I don’t know if Moscow really gave the order for this to be carried out, but in any case … this plan was very similar to the plan that they tried to implement against Ukraine.”

Moldova, a small country of 2.6 million inhabitants, neighboring Ukraine and a candidate for EU entry from the end of June 2022, is threatened militarily by Russia with the presence of Russian soldiers on its territory, in the pro-Russian separatist region of Transnistria.

Maya Sandu recently accused Russia of being behind the trafficking of people, weapons, goods and the financing of anti-government demonstrations, notes AFP.

Illustrative Photo by Nicolae Casîr: Chișinău, Chișinău, Moldova,

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