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The Polish Metropolitan Sava: Forgive me, brothers and sisters, I was wrong

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Metropolitan Sava of Warsaw and All Poland issued a statement saying that the congratulation he sent to Russian Patriarch Kirill on the 14th anniversary of his ordination was “protocol” and that “the situation called for more caution.” He apologizes to all who were left with the wrong impression of his attitude to the war.

The congratulation was published on the website of the Moscow Patriarchate on February 1, but not in Polish church media. However, it is important for Moscow to show that it is not isolated because of its support for the war, and it gave publicity to the letter with which it caused problems for the Metropolitan of Warsaw.

In the congratulation, which caused a stormy public reaction in Poland, Metropolitan Sava congratulates Patriarch Cyril about the “spiritual revival” of the ROC and expresses hope that the evil in Ukraine that is destroying the Church will be destroyed. “I deeply believe that the evil (in Ukraine) that destroys the divine organism of the Church will be destroyed by Christ, the Victor of death and hell.” In addition, according to him, during the Patriarchate of Cyril, the Russian Orthodox Church “shine with spiritual revival” and is an example to others. The tone of the congratulation follows official church statements from Moscow, according to which the only fatal problem in Ukraine is the possibility of the Ukrainian Church separating from the Moscow Patriarchate – this is presented as a blow to world Orthodoxy.

The congratulations of the Metropolitan of Warsaw caused a negative reaction both in the circles of the Polish Orthodox and in the Polish society, where the Orthodox are a minority. The Polish Orthodox Church has been accused of covertly supporting the Putin regime, collaborating and endorsing the war against Ukraine, which has left Poland with one million refugees.

As a result, Metropolitan Sava made a statement yesterday asking for forgiveness. He says he misjudged the situation, didn’t take the geopolitical situation into account, his letter was “protocol” and his views on the war “have not changed”.

Specifically, he says:

“Beloved sisters and brothers,

The traditional personal telegram, with which the heads of the local Orthodox churches congratulate each other on enthronement anniversaries, name days or birthdays, addressed by me to the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, caused a number of comments and concerns among the faithful of the autocephalous Orthodox Church in Poland . Wishing to put an end to all interpretations of the wording used in the message, I state unequivocally:

I have condemned and continue to condemn the criminal invasion of independent Ukraine by the Russian Federation. I expressed this position in March 2022, asking the Russian Federation and His Holiness Patriarch Kirill personally to end it. More than once I have expressed my surprise and embarrassment at the words of Patr. Cyril on the war in Ukraine. I did not and do not share these views, and I believe that they do not serve to restore peace in Ukraine and have a negative impact on the perception of Orthodoxy. And I personally, as the head of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church, as well as the episcopate, the clergy and the faithful, support the Ukrainian people in their desire to restore the full freedom, sovereignty and integrity of their country. From the very beginning of the war, as evidenced by the statements of individual hierarchs and all official documents of St. Synod of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church, which sat under my leadership, we supported and continue to support the need for the Orthodox Church in Ukraine to obtain its independence. We have repeatedly asked His Holiness Bartholomew, the Patriarch of Constantinople, to convene a meeting of the heads of local Orthodox churches to adopt an Orthodox decision on this matter, in order to resolve the difficult canonical situation and avoid new schisms in the Holy Orthodox Church.

From the very beginning, the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church has been involved in providing material, pastoral and moral assistance to refugees from Ukraine, as evidenced by the activity of the Eleos Orthodox Charity Center at both church and diocesan levels. These activities can be found on the websites of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church and individual dioceses. The President of the Republic of Poland declared this activity noble and awarded the representatives of Eleos with the “Cross of Merit”.

Sisters and brothers,

I dedicated my whole life to serving God, the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church, our homeland – the Republic of Poland, the patriotic upbringing of the young generation, the organization of the Orthodox military clergy and helping those in need. I state unequivocally that my telegram was sent only to fulfill the requirements of protocol without regard to the complex geopolitical situation. The perspective of the last days and the interpretation by many of my intentions and words contrary to my intentions shows that I was wrong and that the situation called for more caution. That is why I regret that I caused such a big fuss in the media by subjecting the community of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church to undeserved pain. In the spirit of the resurrection for the forgiveness of sins, which is approaching in our Church, I turn to you, brothers and sisters in Christ, and to all my compatriots: forgive me, a sinner!

By the grace of God humble

† Sava, Metropolitan of Warsaw and all Poland

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