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Moldova changes its state language, will use Romanian

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58 out of a total of 101 deputies voted for its adoption

The Moldovan parliament approved a bill to rename the state language from Moldovan to Romanian. The majority of deputies – 58 out of a total of 101 – voted for its adoption. “The draft law on the implementation of some decisions of the Constitutional Court was adopted in the second reading with the votes of 58 deputies,” said the Speaker of the Parliament, Igor Grossu, during the meeting.

The Moldovan Parliament consists of 101 deputies, and the adoption of the bill requires a majority of the votes of the deputies present.

The bill was proposed by the Action and Solidarity party, which has 63 seats in parliament. The opposition bloc of communists and socialists opposes the bill. As a result, there was a scandal when the draft was adopted in the first reading in the parliament.

According to the draft law, the term “Moldovan language” is replaced by “Romanian language”. When it comes to Moldova, the words “state language”, “official language”, “mother tongue” are replaced by “Romanian language”.

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