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Real Inclusion and Diversity Cannot Be Gained If People Are Expected to Change Their Nation or Religious Cultures

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“Whilst Britain continues to be tolerant, rather than accepting others, the bigotry will continue” says author Dawn Bates.

MANCHESTER, LANCASHIRE, ENGLAND, March 17, 2023 – British author, and former Muslim, Dawn Bates, returns to Britain and relaunches her first book Friday Bridge, almost a decade after it was first launched, due to the continued bigotry and ignorance still very much present in today’s diverse society.

In what has been described as ‘compelling” and “much needed” piece of literature in the world on the subject of cultural diversity, Friday Bridge by International Bestselling author Dawn Bates, is guaranteed to ruffle a few feathers, offend many and be a huge sigh of relief for those who are fed up with the bigotry of a large number of British people.

I loved this book so much, I read it in just one sitting.
You have said all the things I have been thinking for
a long time but have been too afraid to say out loud”
— Heidi, a reader from Leicester

Manchester – In a brilliantly candid and thought-provoking memoir, Bates brings to the fore many of the racial and Islamophobic issues being faced by families and individuals across Britain today. Diving deep into prejudices which exist in all areas of British society, this book has already proven itself to be a breath of fresh air for those who have already read the first edition.

With the inclusion of her hedonistic raving days back in the late 1990s, many will be confused how the two worlds of raving and Islam merged, if they did at all.

With the constant harassment by police and border security forces around the world, tokenism of a woman “white enough, but ethnic enough” to join business forums, and the vicious attacks she and her young children experienced by friends and neighbours in the city of Sheffield after the 9/11 attacks and 7/7 London bombings, this book really does showcase the many issues so many people do not consider.

Calling out the conservative Muslims who chose to attack her after she participated in the Channel 4 documentary series ‘Make Me A Muslim’, with Ajmal Masroor, politician, author and media consultant; a documentary she feels fell very short of the mark once it hit the editing room.

Bates also goes on to share the many reasons why so many non-Muslims choose to remain wary of the most hated religion in the world and hopes that by re-launching this book now she has written and co-authored close to 20 books with great success around the world, those who choose to read Friday Bridge will start to understand some of the deeper issues still present, and the bridges which are still very much needed.

Since arriving back in Britain for a visit before she heads off to North America for the next leg of her international book tour, Bates has recognised how much of the diversity, equity and inclusion spoken about is simply hot air in the latest wave of social media bandwagons and hashtags.

With many books to her name in the realm of human rights and social change, Bates has a strong voice and a unique style of writing which is often referred to as ‘mic dropping wisdom’, ‘show stopping brilliance’ and she is seen as a ‘much needed voice in the world’.

Having lived and worked in more than 40 countries and speaking multiple languages, Bates has a unique lens in which she sees the world. She says “One of the biggest problems we have in this country is we expect people to change who they are, and yet we are not prepared to change our view of the ever-changing landscape of migration, and the reasons for it. Real inclusion and diversity cannot be gained if we expect people to change their nation or religious culture, and their ideas of the world the moment they arrive in this country. It is simply a ridiculous notion, especially given that most people still haven’t converted their own mindset over to the decimal system which we have had since the 1950’s”.

As readers of her book will discover, things have changed very little in Britain over the last 30 years, and we still remain a country which prides itself more on tolerance rather than acceptance.

In the wake of the uproar between Gary Lineker and the BBC, the release of Friday Bridge couldn’t come at a better time, because not only does Bates go into details about Islam and Islamophobia, but she also highlights some of the root causes of why there is so much resistance to immigration from those who would prefer to stop the so-called ‘invasion’ of migrants fleeing for their lives.

“Unless we are able to understand and connect to the real reasons for migration, as well as the part the British government and Armed Forces have played in the root causes of the problems in many of the countries around the world, then we will never understand our own humanity.” Says Bates

Having written books on subjects such as female genital mutilation, failed suicide attempts in women from around the world, sexual abuse and assault, Dawn tackles some very hard subjects, and is not afraid to say it likes she sees it.

Friday Bridge is set for re-release as an e-book on the 23rd March 2023 with the paperback due for release on the 21st April, the same day her first international bestselling book Walaahi goes on release.

About Dawn Publishing: This British boutique publishing house specialises in changing the mainstream narratives through the art of literature. Titles published incorporate solo authors as well as a carefully chosen groups of individuals for a wide variety of anthologies in the realms of human rights, social change and cultural diversity.

Founder Dawn Bates is an award winning, international bestselling author, writes for various business magazines around the world, who specialises in developing manuscripts with fellow authors, creating brand expansion strategies and global visions, underpinned with powerful leadership and profound truths.

Dawn Bates International

[email protected]

Friday Bridge is the first of two books in the Relentless Rebel duology

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