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EconomyThe largest wool factory in Europe will be completed in Romania

The largest wool factory in Europe will be completed in Romania

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The largest factory for the production of wool in Europe will be built in Romania by local investors from the town of Olt, Fagetelu municipality, which received over 182 million lei (36.8 million pax per year). public aid, information from the Ministry of agriculture.

The products will be used for the factory for the production of wool and for wire and thermal insulation products from wool. In addition, this infection is also treated with topical products such as lanolin, organic fertilizers in the form of pellets or a woolen compost.

The investment includes a production hall of 12,500 sq.m and three lines for spinning raw wool. Cladding panels will also be mounted on the entire surface of the hall.

“The appraised and validated project will go to the loss of the factory, which will produce this valuable piece, in which we will receive the final of the exciting program. we have money that wants to invest in this data by creating mechanisms for harvesting wool from sheep farms in Romania, which are currently signing contracts for 15,000 tons of raw wool with the farmers’ associations,” said the minister of agriculture Petre Daea.

According to Economica.net, the investor is Kristian Merčioniu, the businessman who built the housing complex New Residence in Magupelé. It is reported that this is the integrated factory for the wool of the entrepreneur, which last December put into operation a similar plant in the city of Kostesti in Argesh.

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