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Pollock’s painting discovered in Bulgaria was for the actress Lauren Bacall

The discovered painting believed to be by Jackson Pollock was of American actress Lauren Bacall, wife of Hollywood star Humphrey Bogart. This was announced...

Patriarchal and synodal message on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the rescue of Bulgarian Jews

On the tenth of March, the institutions of the Bulgarian state and our public commemorate the day when, in 1943, our people stopped the deportation of our compatriots of Jewish origin, the Bulgarian Jews, to the Nazi death camps.

“They have no choice, they prefer to be in the truck” – Afghanistan’s ambassador in Bulgaria for migrants

On February 17, 18 migrants were found dead in a truck cache on the Sofia Ring Road. The medical teams that arrived at the...

Serbia discovered gold worth several billion near the border with Bulgaria

Serbia has serious mineral deposits, and even without counting the new gold deposit near Zhagubitza, they are estimated at nearly 200 billion dollars. "All exploration...

Former Bulgarian finance minister buys part of the business of the sanctioned Russian bank VTB

Former Bulgarian (NDSV party) Finance Minister Milen Velchev (2001 – 2005) will purchase the Swiss-based commodity trading unit of Russia's VTB Bank - a...
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