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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Did anti-cult Federation FECRIS lose at once 38 member-associations, or did it fake numbers?

FECRIS is the European Federation of Centers for Research and Information on Sects and Cults, an umbrella organization funded by the French government, that...

BitterWinter.org exposes how FECRIS fabricated a cover-up of Russian links

FECRIS - Yet once more, the specialized human rights magazine BitterWinter.org, founded by expert Massimo Introvigne, broke the news this morning with the latest...

FECRIS under fire: 82 prominent Ukrainian scholars ask MACRON to stop funding it

FECRIS, entirely funded by the French government, provides important support to its Russian members and the Kremlin in their outrageous propaganda against Ukraine and the West.

How the anticult FECRIS tries to escape the blame

FECRIS an umbrella organization funded by the French government, that gathers and coordinates “anti-cult” organizations throughout Europe and beyond

Russian representative of FECRIS: “Russia has always been a bone in the throat of the US, UK and their satellites”

Archpriest Alexander Novopashin, Russian correspondent member of the FECRIS (European Federation of Centres for Research and Information on Sects and Cults), recently called Ukrainian...

FECRIS fined for repeated derogatory statements about Jehovah’s Witnesses

HRWF (09.07.2021) - On 27 November 2020, the District Court of Hamburg condemned FECRIS (European Federation of Centres of Research and Information on Cults...

Russia, TV Channel of an Orthodox Oligarch Under EU Sanctions

On 18 December 2023, the Council of the European Union imposed restrictive measures on Tsargrad TV Channel (Царьград ТВ) belonging to and financed by...

Freedom Of Religion, There Is Something Rotten in France’s Mind

In France, the Senate is working on a bill to "reinforce the fight against cultic deviances", but its content seems to pose serious problems for experts in freedom of religion or belief

Media Accountability Triumph, Jehovah’s Witnesses in Spain achieve condemnation of “El Mundo”

On October 16, 2023, in a report by Massimo Introvigne for BitterWinter.org, an important legal case involving the Spanish Jehovah's Witnesses and the newspaper...

Abaya Ban in French Schools Reopens Contentious Laïcité Debate and Deep Divisions

The ban on the abaya in French schools has sparked controversy and protests. The government aims to eliminate religious differences in education.
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