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Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Sociology Unplugged: Peter Schulte’s Eye-Opening Interview on “sects” and “cults”

In a world where ideologies and sects often stir controversy and confusion, understanding the intricacies of these phenomena becomes paramount. The European Times had...

MEPs call for action against abuse of spyware (interview)

MEPs have raised concerns about the abuse of spyware like Pegasus and called for action.

INTERVIEW – Seeking justice for sexual abuse victims

Critics have said justice takes too long, and perpetrators are not always held accountable in cases of sexual abuse and exploitation committed by UN personnel.

INTERVIEW: How hate speech triggered Rwandan genocide

“Every time I talk about it, I cry,” she told UN News, describing how propaganda spread messages of hate that sparked a deadly wave...

Jehovah’s Witnesses mass killing in Hamburg, interview with Raffaella Di Marzio

On March 9, 2023, 7 Jehovah’s Witnesses and an unborn child were killed by a mass shooter during a religious service in Hamburg.

Interview Romain Gutsy: “Like an Uyghur in China”

In October, I told you that I would get an interview with the “back-comer” Romain Gutsy. Yesterday Romain released a new single called “Like...

INTERVIEW: Is trying to ban Halal slaughtering a concern for Human Rights?

Is trying to ban Halal slaughtering a concern for Human Rights? This is the question our special contributor, PhD. Alessandro Amicarelli, a renowned human rights...

Interview: “Religion on Fire”, Russia is ruining cultural and spiritual heritage

We have just had the opportunity to interview two academics working on the Ukrainian project "Religion on Fire"

INTERVIEW: End ‘punitive and discriminatory laws’ to beat AIDS

Punitive and discriminatory laws that stigmatize marginalized communities are hindering the fight against HIV/AIDS, says a senior UN health expert, interviewed by UN News ahead of the 2022 International AIDS conference.
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