The Council of All Holy Physicians established the Ecumenical Patriarchate


The pandemic caused by COVID-19 revealed another more serious “disease of social networks” – pride and ignorance, leading to health decisions based on rumors and personal opinions of people, sometimes even without basic medical education. The difference between information and systematic knowledge is obvious.

Medical knowledge is born of love for man, paid with sleepless nights, the health and lives of thousands of medics, and this high price is binding. In this situation, without training and hard work, who without medical education would have the audacity to claim to be able to interpret medical information?

Vaccines are drugs where the benefits outweigh the risks. They have saved countless lives and protected thousands of people from permanent disability. There are many examples, and a scourge on humanity such as smallpox has even been eradicated. In the past, the sighted went blind in the scriptories to see the blind. And now?…

Let us have more confidence in the physicians, remembering the words of Jesus, the son of Sirach: The knowledge of the doctor will elevate his head and will be revered among the nobles. The Lord created medicines from the earth, and a prudent man will not neglect them… Therefore He has given people knowledge to glorify Him in His wonderful works: with them He heals man and removes his disease ”(38: 1-8).

This year, the Ecumenical Patriarchate has established the Feast of All Saints, which will be celebrated every year in October. In addition to the memory of all the holy doctors in the history of Christianity and the servants of the “sick and sorrowful” who revealed God’s love for humanity, the holiday also honors the contribution of medical science and medical service for the benefit of mankind.

Vaccination and compliance with anti-epidemic measures are definitely an expression of brotherly love! Let us be prudent in this time of trial. Let’s bow our heads to the memory of the medics who gave their lives for others since the beginning of the pandemic.

On Sunday, October 17, for the first time, the feast of the Council of All Holy Doctors will be celebrated. It was established at the meeting of St. Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in July this year and will be celebrated every year in October, on the next Sunday until October 17 and 18. Then the Church honors St. Silversmiths and St. Luke the Apostle, who was also a physician.

On the new holiday, the Church will honor the contribution of medical science and the medical service of humanity. The service for the holiday was composed by Metropolitan Cyril of Rhodes.

The Ecumenical Patriarchate’s circular message to its bishops and clergy states: “From the beginning of Christianity to modern times, physicians, healers, and specialists, as well as many ordinary and conscientious Christians, have served the ‘sick and afflicted,’ and thus they have revealed in deed God’s love for humanity, as they act in the manner and image of Christ. Many of them have distinguished themselves by their holiness, which the Church has recognized by officially including them in its holiday calendar.

“In the face of fear, pain and grief in today’s coronavirus pandemic, many believers turn to these saints with the charisma of healing,” the district message said elsewhere. “They are a particularly strong support and example for doctors, for all health care workers who have made superhuman efforts throughout the pandemic to save lives and provide care, treatment and relief to their suffering neighbors.”

Finally, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew greets and thanks fatherly to all doctors and health workers, encourages them with the words of the apostle to have unhypocritical love, to be caring, to respect each other, to maintain their fervent faith, working for the Lord, to rejoice hoping to be patient in tribulations, to be constant in prayer, to help people in their needs, to lie down to be strange, so that through them our God in the Trinity, the Giver of all good, may be glorified (cf. Rom. 12 ch. ).

Troparion of the saints doctors

Voice 1, Desert Dweller

Subjecting to God the healing knowledge and through the science of love with your deeds you have given a hundredfold fruit from your labors, as Christ says, you, doctors, have received the reward for your efforts and because of the miracles with the sick you are remembered forever; glory to Him who made you wonderful, glory to Him who gave you grace, glory to Him who through you gives healing to all.

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Ἰατρείας τὴν γνῶσιν, τῷ Θεῷ ὑποτάξαντες, καὶ τῇ ἐπιστήμῃ ἀγάπης, ἐν τοῖς ἔργοις δουλεύσαντες, ὡς ἔφη ὁ Χριστὸς εἰς ἑκατόν, ἐκτήσασθε τῶν πόνων τὸν μισθόν, εἰς αἰῶνας μαρτυρούμενοι Ἰατροί, τοῖς θαύμασι τῶν νοσούντων. In the name of the Lord of God, the God of God, the God of God, the God of God, the God of God.

Another troparion, voice 3, of the Divine Faith

With the help of divine grace you have been useful for the needs and troubles of the sick, the blessed, and you are recognized as saint doctors who have shown the glory of God to the end, so earnestly pray to Him to make us happy and happy.

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Θείας χάριτος, τῇ συνεργίᾳ, ἐπαρκέσαντες, τῶν ἀσθενούντων, ταῖς ἀνάγκαις καὶ χρείαις μακάριοι, ἐν Ἰατροῖς ἐγνωρίσθητε Ἅγιοι, Θεοῦ τὴν δόξαν τοῖς πέρασι φαίνοντες. In the morning, at the end of the day, we were able to do what we had to do.

From the service for doctors-saints, creation of Metropolitan Cyril of Rhodes, 2021