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يواصل وزراء السيانتولوجيا المتطوعون مساعدة الخطوط الأمامية

إخلاء المسؤولية: المعلومات والآراء الواردة في المقالات هي تلك التي تنص عليها وهي مسؤوليتهم الخاصة. النشر في The European Times لا يعني الموافقة تلقائيًا على وجهة النظر ، ولكن الحق في التعبير عنها.

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وزراء السيانتولوجيا المتطوعين

Over the past 6 months, Over 1,608 clinics and hospitals across 5 provinces have been sanitized weekly for free, a contribution from the Scientology Volunteer Ministers who decided to participate during the lockdown by helping those who help others. They drove thousands of kilometers and spent thousands of hours paid just to serve others.

Since President Ramaphosa announced the lockdown in March this year, Scientology Volunteer Ministers did not wait for orders. Looking at all the technology they have to better understand their fellowman, they knew assistance would be needed and figured out how they could best assist in light of the circumstances. Sanitization and education on hygiene is what they decided to do.

“Little did we know how vital and big it would become and how many would reach for our assistance,” said Sandile Hlayisi, Public Affairs Director for the السيانتولوجيا Volunteer Ministers. “We are empowered with the Volunteer Minister technology written by L. Ron Hubbard more than 50 years ago for South Africa. This comes with a big responsibility. And we use it at the service of our fellowman with pride and dignity,” Hlayisi added.

But the Scientologists are not the only ones happy with themselves. Others who benefit from the service are too. The regional director for Environmental Health for Sedibeng said: “We were sitting here with no solution and no idea and everyone was terrified, and you guys came like a white night out of the blue and you were there to help us. I believe you saved all of our lives! What you are doing is very important. I consider your actions to be extremely effective. I saw your teams working and I am totally impressed with their professionalism and their technical ability.”

At the Rensburg Clinic, one of the Sisters said, “You are doing wonderful work! I am surprised that you are volunteers and care for people so much. That is really great. I like these books, this is something that can really help us with our patients.”

Hlayisi says he is proud to be representing the Scientology Volunteer Ministers. He feels that with all the work they have done, they might be one of the reasons the spread of the virus in that province has been contained so far.

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