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Climate change: the greenhouse gases causing global warming | News | European Parliament

Climate change: the greenhouse gases causing global warming

Carbon dioxide is just one of many greenhouse gases. Learn about their impact on global warming, their origin and their share in EU emissions.
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Fit for 55: deal on new EU rules for cleaner maritime...

Parliament and Council reached a deal on cleaner maritime fuels, asking to cut ship emissions by 2% as of 2025 and by 80% as of 2050, to help the EU become climate neutral.
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Fluorinated gas emission reductions to advance EU fight against climate change

Parliament’s Environment Committee agrees to an ambitious reduction of fluorinated greenhouse gases emissions, to further contribute to EU’s climate neutrality goal.

EU job seeker’s aid worth €1.9m for 559 dismissed workers in Belgium

Funding should help the dismissed workers find new jobs through tailored guidance, help developing new skills, and help them start their own business

Legislators strike deal on new standard to fight greenwashing in bond markets

The “European Green Bonds Standard” (EUGBS), which companies issuing a bond can choose to comply with, will primarily enable investors to orient their investments...

EP President Metsola to the European Council: Important day for European unity

In her address, the European Parliament President called for unity in support of Ukraine, in response to migration challenges and in rebuilding trust in the European economy.

Group leaders endorse first steps of parliamentary reform

Today’s decision is the first step of of parliamentary reform in a process to enhance public trust and protect the right of MEPs in the free exercise of their mandate, including freedom of association.
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