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S&D Europe at the European Parliament
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Africa Week- Socialists and Democrats with Africa

S&D GROUP AFRICA WEEK 2022 The fifth edition of our Africa Week Initiative will take place in Brussels. From Tuesday 08 to Thursday 10 February 2022. You will find the regularly updated programme of the Week, when available, online at https://www.socialistsanddemocrats.eu/withafrica You can register in due time for one or several events of the week directly at https://www.socialistsanddemocrats.eu/events/sd-group-africa-week-brussels-8-9-10-february-2022 A French...

Environmental Crimes : Offenders Must Face A Punishment That Fits The Crime

S&D MEPs welcome the Commission’s proposal to upgrade the out-dated Environmental Crimes Directive, as outlined in a Parliamentary report on environmental liability in May 2021. However, the S&D Group believes the EU should go further in protecting the environment through criminal law than the Commission’s proposals today by recognising ecocide as a crime under EU law. Harsher sanctions on lawbreakers...

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