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Gabriel Carrion Lopez

Gabriel Carrión López: Jumilla, Murcia (SPAIN), 1962. Writer, scriptwriter and filmmaker. He has worked as an investigative journalist since 1985 in the press, radio and television. Expert on sects and new religious movements, he has published two books on the terrorist group ETA. He cooperates with the free press and delivers lectures on different subjects.
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a close up of pills and pills bottles

Corruption, a lucrative business for the pharmaceutical industries

pharmaceutical - In August 2013, three months after Xi Jinping entered the Chinese government, a corruption scandal broke out in the national medical system, skilfully exercised by the multinational pharmaceutical companies based in that country
a group of skeletons sitting on top of a pile of sand

Religious terrorism, the Kenyan sect and the West

More than 100 bodies were found this past April in the Shakahola Forest in southern Kenya, another form of religious terrorism.
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