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Juan Sanchez Gil

Juan Sanchez Gil - at The European Times News - Mostly in the back lines. Reporting on corporate, social and governmental ethics issues in Europe and internationally, with emphasis on fundamental rights. Also giving voice to those not being listened to by the general media.
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UK Lords and Commons & Greek National Cricket Women’s Teams

European Cricket is on the rise, and it’s good news for...

By every measure available, football is Europe’s favourite sporting pastime. This isn’t just due to the historical roots, with the sport taking hold in...
European Parliament to discuss the resumption of hostilities in Nagorno Karabakh TheEuropeanTimes INFO

The Role and Importance of the European Parliament in Today’s World

The European Parliament plays a crucial role in shaping the future of Europe and the world. As the only directly elected institution of the European Union
Business newspaper article

The Challenges and Opportunities Facing European Newsrooms Today

From declining print readership to the rise of digital platforms, European newsrooms are navigating a complex environment. Discover the key issues they face in this insightful piece.
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Understanding Time in Europe: A Comprehensive Guide

Confused about the time in Europe? This guide provides a clear explanation of the time zones and daylight saving time changes across the continent. If...
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Spain – Sikh boy asked to remove turban-patka during a football...

In a press release from the worldwide organization UNITED SIKHS, it stated that they are “disheartened to learn that a 15-year-old Sikh soccer player...
photo of three millennials sitting and talking while planning work

Millennials are Taking Over the Internet—And the Economy

If you're a millennial, chances are you've been told you're entitled, lazy, and selfish. But despite all the negativity, there's one area where millennials...
Dutch Special Envoy on FoRB

Holland appoints the first woman as Religious Freedom Ambassador

According to the Twitter account of Former ambassador Bea ten Tusscher, she has now become the new Dutch Special Envoy (or Ambassador for Freedom...
24 yo woman, 2 months “locked” in psychiatric ward against her will and without psychiatric diagnosis

24 yo woman, 2 months “locked” in psychiatric ward against her...

Rocío Muñoz, Carla's mother, tells Europa Hoy a story that will not leave you unmoved. A young girl, 24 years old, held against her...
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How to Survive Death, a book that provides “a safe trip between lives”

"How to Survive Death" is also about the author’s journey, an autobiography, from rebellious youth to a fulfilling life, helping others achieve their full...

Luis F Salazar and Digital Art: “I love giving the freedom for the observer to interpret my art”

Digital Art - Luis Fernando Salazar is a Colombian contemporary artist who captures in his work the colours and sensations, he says: "I like...

President Macron in Benin should demand the release of Reckya Madougou and Joel Aivo

On the eve of President Emmanuel Macron's visit to Benin, the Brussels-based NGO "Human Rights Without Frontiers" urged the French President to demand the release...

Pros and cons: International Ministerial on FoRB – London 2022

The fourth annual Ministerial conference on Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) was held in London following a strong impetus to bring awareness of,...

Will Mario Mauro be confirmed as the new EU Special Envoy on FoRB?

As per a newsletter from HRWF, it was the website Christian Network Europe (CNE) that broke the news on 4th July, of the EU...

How can We Protect the Coral Reefs Ecosystem?

Coral Reefs Ecosystem - Approximately 14 per cent of the world's corals have been lost since 2009, according to the "Status of Coral Reefs...

2022 Ministerial Conference on FoRB: London – Is there a meaningful role for civil society?

2022 Ministerial Conference on FoRB (Freedom of Religion or Belief): London, July 5-6 - Is there a meaningful role for civil society? - Reportedly,...

War: what is it that religions really say about peace?

In a time where peace has become more than the lack of war, war has hit what is considered the "civilized" world, there are...

Ukraine, winner of Eurovision 2022: Spain and Chanel’s result

Ukraine winner of Eurovision 2022 - At the same time, Chanel Terrero from Spain has fought for the top spot at Eurovision with SloMo...

EP Report – Persecution of minorities on the grounds of belief or religion, presented by Karol Karski

On May 2nd, the European Parliament made a short presentation of their report Persecution of minorities on the grounds of belief or religion (short...
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