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Julia Romero

By Julia Romero, author and expert in Gender Violence. Julia She is also a Professor of Accounting and Banking and a civil servant. She has won first prize in various poetry competitions, has written plays, collaborates with Radio 8 and is President of the Association Against Gender Violence Ni Ilunga. Author of the book "Zorra" and "Casas Blancas, un legado común".
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Breast flattening, aberrant practice against girls, still in the 21st century

Breast flattening - When we talk about female mutilation, genital mutilation comes to mind, perhaps because the media have been responsible for bringing us...
What happens to the giraffe women of the Kayan tribe, and tourism?

What happens to the giraffe women of the Kayan tribe, and...

Kayan giraffe women expelled from Tibet In northern Thailand, halfway between Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, there is a very special Burmese refugee village. They...
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