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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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ECtHR: Belgium condemned for discriminating against Jehovah’s Witnesses

Belgium was condemned for discriminating against Jehovah's Witnesses. Failure to grant congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses exemption from property tax in the Brussels-Capital Region since...

First Person: Coping with Ukraine’s health crisis

Jarno Habicht has worked with WHO for the last 19 years and served as WHO Representative in Ukraine since 2018. He explains how WHO prepared for armed conflict in the country, and how it has responded to health-related issues since the Russian invasion.

Global conferences: Fostering a culture of peace, contributing to social betterment | BWNS

BAHÁ’Í WORLD CENTRE — A rising wave of conferences is sweeping across the globe, bringing together the well-wishers of humanity to consult about how...

Two years on, COVID-19 pandemic ‘far from over’

Almost 500 million people have been infected with the coronavirus since March 2020 and new variants are still a threat. This Friday marks two years since the World Health Organization (WHO) characterised the global spread of COVID-19 as a pandemic. 

BIC: Re-envisioning the future of work | BWNS

The New York Office of the BIC has been exploring new conceptions of work, centered around the principles of unity, justice, collaboration, and consultation.

UN health agency updates guidelines on COVID-19 therapeutics

The World Health Organization (WHO), for the first time, included an oral antiviral drug in its COVID-19 treatment guidance.

Ukraine: Oxygen shortage putting lives in danger

On day seven of the Ukraine crisis, UN-led efforts to ramp up support to the country’s embattled health workers have continued, with the first shipment of lifesaving supplies due to arrive in neighbouring Poland in the coming hours.

Omicron sublineage BA.2 remains a variant of concern

The BA.2 virus, a sublineage of the Omicron COVID-19 mutation, should continue to be considered a variant of concern, scientists convened by the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement on Tuesday. 

“United in our diversity”: Tunisian faith communities sign coexistence pact | BWNS

Leaders of Tunisia’s faith communities have signed a “National Pact for Coexistence,” expressing their commitment to building a more peaceful society.

COVID-19: Health workers face ‘dangerous neglect’, warn WHO, ILO

Health teams worldwide need much safer working conditions to combat the “dangerous neglect” they have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, the UN health and labour agencies said on Monday. 
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