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Thursday, May 26, 2022
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A dead zone was found in the Black Sea – ships have been stored there for thousands of years

Dozens of ancient ships that have survived to this day are stored in this region. Hundreds of sunken ships rot in the depths of the...

Driving an electric car is easier than you think

What basic things do you need to know about driving an electric car? In Europe, electricity is transmitted through a three-phase network, which means that...

His Holiness the Dalai Lama Emphasises Importance of Water at Meeting with Climate Change Activists

His Holiness the Dalai Lama met with participants at a Dialogue for Our Future organized by a number of organizations here in Dharamsala, including climate change.

Turkey recycles 1.1m tonnes of plastic waste a year

Turkey saves $ 1 billion a year by recycling 1.1 million tonnes of plastic waste, according to data from the Association of Recycling Companies...

Why did millions of sparrows disappear?

According to a new study, house sparrows in Europe are 247 million less than in 1980, and other once ubiquitous bird species have suffered...

Earth Day: 5 ways we’re working to repair the damage to our planet

International Mother Earth Day is a chance to reflect on how humanity has been treating our planet, and let’s face it: we’ve been poor custodians. And while a steady stream of reports has painted a legitimately worrying picture of the current state of the planet, don’t lose hope: there are more innovative ideas for serious climate action than ever and more and more people around the world are working together on solutions to help repair the damage that’s been done to our fragile home.

Green Deal: EU announces €1 billion worth of commitments to protect the ocean

Yesterday, at the Our Ocean Conference (OOC) in Palau, the EU has renewed its pledges towards international Ocean governance. Presenting a list of 44 commitments for the...

The love hormone turns lions into kittens

For years, scientists have sprayed oxytocin, known as the love hormone, on the noses of lions. The result: royal animals become much friendlier to...

Traces of ancient life found inside a ruby ​​2.5 billion years old

A team of Canadian scientists from the University of Waterloo have found signs of ancient life inside a 2.5 billion year old ruby. Corundum...

Turkmen chemists from local raw materials received a reagent for seawater desalination

One of the latest developments of Turkmen chemists is a method for obtaining coagulants (purifiers) for seawater desalination. This development for obtaining drinking water...
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