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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Climate Change Crisis: Tibetan Plateau to Get Spotlight at the COP26 Summit

By IANS TWC India Representative Image (Xinhua/Li Mangmang/IANS) To adapt to the effects of climate change impacting the Tibetan Plateau—the world’s ‘third pole’—a group of Tibetans will explain its role in the global climate system and why it should be part of the conversation at the upcoming two-week United Nations conference, COP26, in Glasgow in Britain. […]

Lockdowns around the world ‘had huge, rapid impact on ozone pollution’

  Rob Waugh ·Contributor Mon, 14 June, 2021, 8:51 pm Nitrogen oxide can be produced in car exhaust fumes. (Getty) Lockdowns around the world have had a huge and rapid effect on nitrogen oxide emissions and worldwide ozone pollution, new research has shown. Ozone pollution forms when sunlight reacts with nitrogen oxides released from cars and […]

Buddhist Times News – Buddhist Eco-monks and Tree Ordination

A Buddhist monk ordains a tree in a community forest in Kratie Province, Cambodia. From greatermekong.panda.org By  —  BT Newsdesk Healthy forests are necessary to all aspects of modern life. They store carbon, help protect communities and infrastructure from the impacts of drought and flash-floods, supply clean water and food, livelihoods, materials used in construction, trade, […]
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