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Mercurii, 27 Septembris, 2023
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Nationes Unitae, Omar Harfouch Libanum accusaverunt se "patriam anti-semiticam, discriminatoriam et racist"

Geneva, 26 September 2023 - The United Nations Human Rights Council, in its 54th Regular Session held today, heard a riveting speech from Omar Harfouch, a renowned Lebanese pianist, during its 24th meeting. Born a...

Myanmar: 'Inhumanitas in vilissima specie' pergit, monet Türk .

“Each day, the people of Myanmar are enduring horrifying attacks, flagrant human rights violations and the crumbling of their livelihoods and hopes,” said Volker Türk, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.He was briefing...

UNHCR magis magisque de profugis fugae Karabakh regionis

Some 19,000 refugees have reportedly left the Karabakh Economic Region of the Republic of Azerbaijan, including many elderly people, women and children.  UNHCR Spokesperson Shabia Mantoo called on all sides to protect civilians and...

World News in Brief: Crisis filiorum Mali, iurum humanorum updates Brasiliae, Montenegro

UNICEF Representative in Mali, Pierre Ngom, told reporters in Geneva that dozens of children have been killed this month alone by non-State armed groups in the north and centre of the country. An attack...

World News in Brief: Crisis filiorum Mali, iurum humanorum updates Brasiliae, Montenegro

In Mali, one million children under five are at risk of malnutrition amid polio and measles outbreaks, increased armed violence and displacement, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said on Tuesday. Source link

Consumer credit: quare updated praecepta EU necessaria sunt

MEPs have adopted new rules to protect consumers from credit card debt and overdrafts. Parliament approved new consumer credit rules in September 2023, following an agreement reached with the Council in December 2022. Consumer credits are loans for the purchase...

Venezuela in dissentientibus crackdown pergit, IR peritorum iura monent

Marta Valiñas, Chair of the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Venezuela, presented its latest report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, which covers the period from January 2020 to August this...

Ucraina: crimina belli a copiis Russicis permanentibus, iura peritis nuntiant

Copiae Russicae in Ucraina versae novae allegationes criminum bellorum sicut IR-positi iuris periti iuris publici Inventiones relationis suae publici iuris fecerunt

Palaestinae: Iura periti vocant fortius tormenta praeventionis mensuras

The members of the UN Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture (SPT) issued the appeal after concluding their first visit to the State of Palestine, conducted from 10 to 21 September.Daniel Fink, who headed the delegation, said...

Leodium, incunabula artis: musea eximia et porticus ad explorandum

Liège, cradle of art: exceptional museums and galleries to explore Located in Belgium, the city of Liège is a true artistic gem. Known for its rich cultural past, it is full of exceptional museums...

Liber motus: Schengen reformationem curare terminus controls solum ut ultima

Reformatio termini moderatur in libero motu Schengen regio nonnisi retractari cum absolute necessarium est.

Pollutio reducens in EU groundwater et superficies aquarum

Parlamentum suum positionem suscepit de pollutione aquarum et superficie aquarum reducendo in signis qualitatum Europaearum Europaeis emendandis.

World News in Brief: Ucraina renovatio plantarum nuclearis, Sudaniae discrimen sanitatis, iura generationis

Addressing the opening of the IAEA’s General Conference in Vienna on Monday, Mr. Grossi said that 53 missions mobilizing more than 100 agency staff have been deployed as part of a continued presence...

Tornaci: iter per tempus in corde Wallonia

Tournai: a journey through time in the heart of Wallonia Located in the heart of Wallonia, the city of Tournai is a real journey back in time. With its rich historical and cultural heritage,...

Anti-coactio instrumenti: "Eu's novum telum ad mercaturam tuendam"

Instrumentum anti-coertionis erit novum instrumentum Europaeum ad minas oeconomicas et iniquas commercii restrictiones a terris non-EU pugnare. Cur UE indiget novo instrumento ad certamina mercaturae occupandas? Global trade auxilium...

Namurcum, urbs comedens: culinae et propriae eius loci detegunt

Namur, a gourmet city: discover its cuisine and local specialties Namur, located in Belgium, is a picturesque city that enchants its visitors with its architectural beauty and warm atmosphere. But what makes Namur even...

Estne haec seditio? Non... Just fasciculum moratur

Boom! There it is (again), this disturbing crowd armed with clubs. Lighting torches, brandishing pitchforks, supporting progress like the rope supports the hanged man. We will remember, she had already caused...

Iura humana periti: Humanitas adversus 'subitum toxicum globalis inauditum'

The fifth session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM-5), organized by UN environment programme UNEP and hosted by Germany, kicks off in Bonn on Monday.“ICCM-5 is expected to be a watershed...

Lovanium, prestigious universitas in media urbe: historia et momentum KU Leuven

Leuven, a prestigious university in the heart of the city: the history and importance of KU Leuven Located in Belgium, in the Flemish region, the city of Leuven is home to one of the most...

World News in Brief: Curis discrimine in DRC, Türk slams Irania hijab legem accipit, novam Indiae libellum mulieres boosting

Mundus Salus Organizatio repraesentativum DRC, Dr Boureima Hama Sambo monuit in sex provinciis orientalibus, facultates sanitatis accensae, opifices sanitatis necatos aliosque constantes corporis ac...

Iura humana in Russia: "Declinationem significant"

Special Rapporteur pro Russia, Mariana Katzarova, terrorem insonuit his quae dicit exemplum suppressionis iurium civilium et politicorum ibi. Concilium Humanum Iurium Genavae, Ms.

Superstites Libyci inundationes furias trauma

Post-traumatic stress and anxiety has become a daily challenge for thousands of Libyans who survived Storm Daniel nearly two weeks ago, UN humanitarians warned on Thursday. Source link

Funding malae continue pestem IR Palaestinae profugum propellente

The head of the UN agency that assists Palestine refugees across the Middle East, UNRWA, on Thursday appealed for consistent and sustainable financing to keep its operations running and avert chronic shortfalls.  Source link

Yemen: Indictum ore pacem perpetuam

Loquitur pax permanens perceptivum spei providere quod resolutio politica ad conflictum in prospectu est. Attamen die Internationali Pacis, die XXI mensis Septembris, quotannis celebrabatur, necessitates humanitariae vacillantes manent et...

Bruges: inter canales et eget, a COMEDUS destination

Bruges is a picturesque city located in the Flemish region of Belgium. Known for its romantic canals and well-preserved medieval architecture, Bruges is a must-visit destination for food lovers. With an abundance...
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