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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Bulgaria eicitur clericum seniorem et alios sacerdotes ab Ecclesia Russiae Sofia

The Bulgarian authorities expelled the head of the Russian Church in the country - Vasian Zmeev. This was reported to TASS by the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria. "Bulgarian authorities consider Father Vasian to be a...

Cyrillus Patriarcha Moscoviae: Russia adhuc multum laboris habet, id dicere non vereor - in scala globali.

Die XII mensis Septembris ad tinnitus campanarum, Cyrillus Patriarcha Russiae, coram sodalibus Gubernii Petropoli ac "participes operationis militaris specialis", cum lithio portavit.

Archimandrita Russiae Vasian (Zmeev) vetuit ne in Macedoniam septentrionalem ingrederetur?

Praeses ecclesiae Russiae in Sofia, archimandrita Vasian (Zmeev), vetitum est ab ingressu septentrionali Macedoniae, complures divulgationes Macedonicas nuntiare. Divulgationes ad fontes pertinent e Ministerio Patriae Negotiis Externorum,...

A Pskov sacerdos octo metri monumentum Stalin . consecravit

Veliky Luki Dioecesis Ecclesiae Orthodoxae Russorum actiones rectoris ecclesiae reprehendet in honorem iconis Matris Dei Omnes in villa Tsaritsa...

Oratio Dominica.

By Prof. A. P. Lopukhin Matthew 6:12. and forgive us our debts, as we also forgive our debtors; The Russian translation is accurate, if only we admit that “we leave” (in the Slavic Bible) - ἀφίεμεν...

Oratio Dominica

Oratio Domini estne opus independens, an in communi vel in distinctis locutionibus a Sacra Scriptura et aliunde mutuatur?

Nolite facere eleemosynam vestram coram hominibus (2).

In hoc textu Prof. AP Lopukhin de vera caritatis significatione disserit et de arcano custodiendi dignitate. Inceptos hic inventore.

Metropolita Pavel (Lebed) per vadium fere 1 milliones dollariorum dimissus est

Die VII mensis Augusti comprehensus abbas Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra Vyshgorod et Chernobyl Metropolita Pavel (Lebed) dimissus est mane a praeiudicio detentionis, ubi manere putabatur usque ad diem 7 Augusti Vinculum...

Nolite facere eleemosynam vestram coram hominibus (1).

Apud Matthaeum VI, Prof. AP Lopukhin disputat de significatione verbi graeci "aspice" et de nexu notionis "cave" vel "audi".

Noli thesaurizare tibi thesauros in terra.

Disce verum sensum duobus dominis servire Matth. Cognoscite quare impossibile est Deo simul et mammonae servire.

Noli thesaurizare tibi thesauros in terra.

Altius sensum reperi post Matthaeum 6:19 et cur Iesus admonet ne thesauros recondat in terra. Disce quomodo hoc pertinet ad iustitiam.

Metropolita Pavel (Lebed) detentus est in praeiudicio detentionis

A septimana ante, Solomensky Curiae Districtus in Kyiv postulationem accusationis concessit ut advocationem abbatis Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra Vyshgorod mutaret et Chernobyl Metropolita Pavel (Lebed) e domo comprehensionis ad ...

Ucraina celebrationem Nativitatis Orthodoxae a die 7 Ianuarii ad diem 25 Decembris movit

The aim of the bill introduced by President Volodymyr Zelensky is to "distinguish from the Russian heritage" The Parliament of Ukraine voted yesterday to change the date of the Orthodox celebration of the Nativity of...

Russia, Testis Jehovae servire duobus annis tributis

Lege de casu Dmitriy Dolzhikov, Testis Jehovae in Russia, qui extremism damnatus est et de tributis damnatus est.

Stamina humanitaria et secreta diplomata

By Alexander Soldatov, "Novaya Gazeta" On the occasion of the visit of the Pope's special envoy to Moscow and Kiev According to official reports, the content of Italian Cardinal Matteo Zuppi's talks in Moscow on June...

Papa Franciscus: Christianus superstitiones non credit, sicut magicae, chartae et horoscopes

"When you don't understand the word of God, but read horoscopes and consult fortune-tellers, you start to go downhill," he warned some time ago "The Christian does not believe in superstitions, such as magic, (divining)...

Orationes nostras pro pace reddamus! Vocatio Concilii Oecumenici Ecclesiarum

By Martin Hoegger, Lausanne, Switzerland Geneva, June 21, 2023. In his sermon, during the opening celebration of the central committee of the World Council of Churches, Patriarch Bartholomew (Orthodox Church, Constantinople) did not go easy...

Christiani in Syria evanescunt in XX annis

Christians in Syria are doomed to disappear within two decades if the international community does not develop specific policies to protect them. This was the call for urgent assistance from Christian Syrian activists who had...

Ecclesia Russica pacifismum repugnare declaravit cum orthodoxia

Ecclesia orthodoxa Russorum affirmat pacifismum repugnare doctrinis Ecclesiae orthodoxae, sicut eius praesentia in doctrinis haereticorum probat. Haec in materia conventui ...

Teshuvah - Viam reditus

On a shallow level, ‘Teshuvah’ simply refers to someone who goes back to the Jewish faith and resumes its practice after lapsing. On a deeper level, it is much more. You 'return' from the midst...

Ecclesia orthodoxa Ucrainae ad novum calendarium pergit

The Synod of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine approved the transition to the New Julian calendar from September 1, Reuters reports. This means that the Church will now celebrate Christmas on December 25th instead of...

Sermo de Gloriosa Ascensione Domini nostri Jesu Christi

by Gregory, Bishop of Russia (Metropolitan of Kiev and Western Russia Grigory Tsamblak, 1364 - c. 1420*) Today's holiday is the fulfillment of the providence that the Only Begotten Son of God carried out for...

Patriarchatus Moscuensis "adnexus" dioecesis Ucrainae Berdyanskensis

Dioecesis Berdyansk UOC, sita in regione Russico-Zaporozhye occupata, ab Ecclesia orthodoxa Ucraina sublata est per decretum officiale Patriarchatus Synodi Moscuensis. Decisiones civitatum...

Annuntiatio Synodi Episcoporum Ecclesiae orthodoxae Serbiae pro Kosovo et Metohija

From: Council of Bishops of SOC / 05.20.2023 This year's regular meeting of the Holy Council of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church paid special attention to the people and the Church in Kosovo and...

Tajikistan, Dimissio Testis Jehovae Shamil Khakimov, 72, post quattuor annos in carcere

Testis Jehovae Shamil Khakimov, 72, e carcere in Tajikistan dimissus est postquam plenam terminum sententiae suae quadriennii administravit. Spuriis criminibus intentus fuerat "religionis odium incitans."
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