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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Four-page letter autographed by Nikola Tesla sold at auction for $340,000

Nikola Tesla was one of the most prominent inventors in the world, and proof of the Tesla name's weight was this week's Remarkable Rarities...

Israel ‘must end impunity’ on settlers’ violent acts after attack on rabbis’ group

The World Council of Churches has called on Israel's government of Israel to end the impunity of settlers who commit acts of violence following an attack on Rabbis for Human Rights and the Palestinians they were accompanying,

Jose Eshkenazi Smeke: Microsoft’s purchase of Activision is positive for the Gaming sector in Mexico and Latin America

… Soccer Media Solutions a top sport marketing company in Latinamerica. Soccer …

Why have birds in the Amazon been shrinking in recent years?

In a remote corner of Brazil's Amazon rainforest, researchers have spent decades capturing and measuring birds in a pristine forest untouched by roads or...

EU at forefront of global humanitarian response: €1.5 billion for 2022

Humanitarian crises around the world continue to rise. While conflicts and violence are the source of major humanitarian needs, the situation is increasingly being...
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