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Are cats smarter than dogs?

We are far from thinking that we can unequivocally or categorically determine whether dogs or cats are smarter. That's why we decided to ask...

Is cat fur dangerous to humans?

Cat fur generally does not harm humans, but some owners may be sensitive to purring animals and suffer from allergies. Although there is a...

How to deal with a cat that persistently wakes us up at night

Every cat owner knows from bitter experience what it's like to be woken up at night or around 6am. Also, we know very well...

10 things that make cats really happy

When we share a home with our adorable meowing animals, their happiness is paramount. After all, owners are responsible for keeping purring animals safe....

Why does a cat follow the owner everywhere: how experts explain this behavior

In most cases, cats are kept aloof and independent: the animal comes to the owner for affection only when it wants to. However, some pets...
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