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Education for life and the drug problem in Europe

The semantics (the study of the meaning of words of a language) shows that there are two important word definitions that are integral parts...

Drugs: European Youth, a Target of Choice

Drugs: European Youth - Currently, in this year 2022, the European population in the 27 Member States is about 447 million of inhabitants (INSEE)...

European Population and its Drug Problem, a 2022 overview

Being present across European countries and in direct contact in the streets, markets, any kind of shops, associations, schools, administrations, and agencies, with the...

Cannabis: Hell or Heaven ?

The earliest known use of Cannabis dates back to 2700 B.C., in rituals in China. This was the drug that "take the spirit away"....

Marijuana: the other “pandemic” in Europe

At a time the main focus of all the sectors of the society is on the COVID pandemic, there is another insidious problem developing...
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