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Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Sociological Dimensions of Paul’s Teaching on Eucharist

By Asist. Prof. Dimitrios C. Passakos Paul's all direct accounts for the Eucharist are in the first Epistle to the Corinthians and they are connected...

Christ and Politics: The Opposition to Authorities (2)

Author: A. Storkey King Herod the Great None of the modern monarchs have any real power. In Great Britain, Elizabeth II and several other members of...

On the life in Christ (1)

Author: St. Nikolay Kavasilas Word one: Life in Christ is realized through the sacraments of divine baptism, holy anointing and communion 1. The life in Christ...

I don’t have a man…

I was reminded of that incident from the Gospel according to John about the healed sick man in the bath in Vitezda. A man who bore his physical infirmity for more than 38 years (a lifetime in those days) awaiting healing. And it is not so much the miracle that the Savior performs over him that impresses me whenever I think of this biblical story as the conversation between Christ and the sick.
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