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Sufi Sheik Bentounes at JIVEP event “today, we need to choose … the power of love”

In Brussels, the Church of Scientology celebrates the UN day of Living Together in Peace JIVEP. On May 17, in the Church of Scientology based...

MPs and faith leaders discuss at UK Parliament role and value of interfaith

MPs and faith representatives convene at UK Parliament to discuss the Role and Value of Interfaith. The media often portrays religion as a source of contention, war and conflict, but does religion really give value to the world?

Church of Scientology Nashville President Elected to Head the Religion Communicators Council

… At its 2022 national convention, Religion Communicators Council (RCC) elected … Memorial Awards, honoring excellence in religion communication. This is the second … about the Nashville chapter of Religion Communicators Council, visit www.religioncommunicators …

Scientology says World Press Freedom Day must protect media but also religion from biased hurtful lies

World Press Freedom Day must protect media but also religion from hurtful lies - Charter on Journalistic Ethics in Relation to Respect for Religion...

Stephen Leeson Show 1 year fighting Pandemic Blues

On Friday, April 29th, The Stephen Leeson Show marked its first anniversary. The show launched in April 2021 as a co-production between singer/songwriter Stephen...
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