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French deputy Minister Sonia Backes wants to enlist Europe against new religions

In an interview with French magazine Le Figaro on January 30, Sonia Backes, deputy Minister of the Interior for Citizenship, announced that she intends...

FECRIS under fire: 82 prominent Ukrainian scholars ask MACRON to stop funding it

On November 11, 82 of the most prominent religious scholars of Ukraine, wrote a letter to the French President Emmanuel Macron about the funding of FECRIS.

How the anticult FECRIS tries to escape the blame

Rogatin is an interesting character. He almost uniformly introduces himself as the Ukrainian representative of FECRIS, and in fact is very “pro-Russian”. Since 2010 he wrote about the impact of “cults” and non-Orthodox religions on the contemporary Ukraine.

How the French MIVILUDES compromised itself with Russian extremists

The current war in Ukraine is not the product of a one-week preparation. It has been prepared with more than a decade of propaganda, and in fact started already in 2014 with the invasion and occupation of Crimea

15 NGOs+ send letter to Secretary Blinken to throw pro-Russian anticult organization out from United Nations

On June 2, 15 NGOs plus 33 scholars and well-known activists have written to the US Secretary of State, to ask him to start...
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