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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Oleksandr Haydu (Ukraine): “Saving this year’s harvest is our first priority”

Harvest - The Ukraine People's Deputies registered in the parliament the bill No. 7548, which exempts the import of sacks, bags, and special equipment...

When It Comes Time To Start And Expand Your Business, All Of These Elements Will Help You Succeed

As an entrepreneur, you can pursue a wide range of endeavours. Entrepreneurs come in many different varieties. Others are so dedicated to it that...

Inflation: Among us for some time now

In my country, Portugal, inflation has hit us quickly and wildly. According to DECO, the Portuguese consumer protection agency, an essential basket of food...

People around the world are wondering why China buying Africa

More than one billion people live in Africa, and the continent is expected to be responsible for more than half of the world's population...

Wheat could be Russia’s next weapon

European Foreign Minister Josep Borrell told El Pais that all EU members must get rid of energy dependence on Moscow, but acknowledged that unanimity...
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