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Good, Evil and Death

Death casts a tragic veil over human existence and darkness over the life of all Creation. But the human person, through reason, which seeks meaning in existence, cannot accept the lack of meaning in final death.

About the Calling of Man

We are increasingly aware of the need to protect nature and prevent the destruction of the animal and plant world, which has now acquired very terrible proportions.

Thoughts on Religious Education of Children [1]

Author: Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh I am absolutely sure that any person who understands them and can convey his faith to them can deal with...

“God created you out of love!”

Author: Metropolitan Antoniy Surozhki The future Metropolitan Antony Surozhki (Andrei Blum in the world) was born in Switzerland, but after the revolution of 1917, his...

The Tragic Theodicy

By Boris Vysheslavtsev In his ethical activity and judgments, man has no right to take the viewpoint of Providence. He has no right to judge...
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