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A society that has abandoned charity in the name of prosperity has been abandoned by God

We are publishing an article by the Russian priest Prot. Pavel Adelheim (1938-2013) from "Live Journal" from 2010. With great pain, the priest missionary...

Christianity [2]

By Fr. Alexander Men When we pass from the Gospel to the Acts of the Apostles and the Epistles, we are obliged to stop our...


Fr. Alexander Men Christianity is a challenge to many philosophical and religious systems. But at the same time, it meets the demands of most of...

On virtues and vices

By St. John of Damascus Therefore, it should be known that man, being dual ¬ composed of soul and body, also possesses dual sensations and...

Soul-beneficial teachings of St. Archbishop Seraphim Sobolev [2]

51. Beware of signing contracts that bind them, especially if there are any benefits and lures on the fishing line. This can involve you...
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