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Friday, March 17, 2023
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Alexandre Novopashin: We are fighting the cannibalistic Nazi ideology!

We are doing a good deed: we are not fighting Ukraine and Ukrainians, but the cannibalistic Nazi ideology, which has enslaved the minds of many people

Belgium politics infiltrated by Russia?

In the latest of the famous newsletters from Brussels-based NGO "Human Rights Without Frontiers", Deep concerns are raised about the infiltration of FECRIS’ Russian...

FECRIS under fire: 82 prominent Ukrainian scholars ask MACRON to stop funding it

On November 11, 82 of the most prominent religious scholars of Ukraine, wrote a letter to the French President Emmanuel Macron about the funding of FECRIS.

How the anticult FECRIS tries to escape the blame

Rogatin is an interesting character. He almost uniformly introduces himself as the Ukrainian representative of FECRIS, and in fact is very “pro-Russian”. Since 2010 he wrote about the impact of “cults” and non-Orthodox religions on the contemporary Ukraine.

Russian representative of FECRIS: “Russia has always been a bone in the throat of the US, UK and their satellites”

Archpriest Alexander Novopashin, Russian correspondent member of the FECRIS (European Federation of Centres for Research and Information on Sects and Cults), recently called Ukrainian...
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