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Christmas fast from Orthodox perspective

The Christmas fast began on November 15 and ends on December 24. The forty-day Christmas fast is the last fast of the calendar year, which...

What will happen to your body if you eat 4 walnuts every day

The beneficial properties of walnuts have been known for millennia. It is not by chance that they occupy a dominant place in the menu...

Five main autumn products for immunity and mood

Autumn, as always, collects a tangle of problems - here are viruses, and longing because of the cloudy sky and lack of sun, and,...

Half of the world’s population eats it, but does not suspect all its qualities

Rice is a staple food for half of our planet's population. It was cultivated thousands of years ago in China, but the largest producer worldwide...

The UN will soon lift restrictions on Russian food

The UN promises that in the near future it will achieve the lifting of restrictions on Russian food exports in accordance with the Black...
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