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Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Vitamin R is a boon discovery for health

Vitamin R is remarkable for many reasons, it is not a vitamin per se, but a variety of bioflavonoids. This increases the wide range...

Do not put eggs in the refrigerator door! Read the reason

When eggs are left at room temperature, they lose a week's worth of freshness in a single day at 4 degrees Centigrade and 70-80%...

What diseases did dinosaurs suffer from?

Which insects that lived more than 100 million years ago carried malaria and did dinosaurs have vision problems In recent decades, paleontologists have uncovered a...

Global Warming – Deadlier than COVID and even Cancer?

Calculating the health impacts of climate change is a complex equation Deadlier than COVID and even cancer? If the world does not take swift action...

Advantages and disadvantages of different sleeping positions

What are the benefits of sleeping on your back? This position is the second most popular, it also has many advantages, as it allows us...
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