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Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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How does Switzerland keep inflation low?

In the Alpine country it is just over 3%, and in the Eurozone - 9% High inflation is the most serious problem in a number...

Zimbabwe – Central bank to mint gold coins to fight inflation

The Central Bank of Zimbabwe has announced that it will start minting gold coins in the month of July. The decision is aimed at...

Inflation: Among us for some time now

In my country, Portugal, inflation has hit us quickly and wildly. According to DECO, the Portuguese consumer protection agency, an essential basket of food...

Steve Hanke: Inflation is rising in the eurozone, the Bulgarian people will lose

Get rid of the secrets. There should be a series of studies, talk and public debate, as well as a referendum, the economist recommends The...

The Turkish lira has collapsed

Inflation in Turkey has reached an unprecedented level: everything is becoming more expensive The Turkish lira collapsed, hitting a new low: its value fell to...
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