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Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Interview Romain Gutsy: “Like an Uyghur in China”

In October, I told you that I would get an interview with the “back-comer” Romain Gutsy. Yesterday Romain released a new single called “Like...

How music and colors affect our mood

We automatically associate music with feelings – but so do colors, new research has shown. It seems that music is most closely related to...

Look to the sky with Supa Philly – Awesome UFO prog rock!

The idea of the track: maybe if those people coming from elsewhere (the big space) would land on Earth and decide to stay, they’d be able to bring peace by having “the planet reunite”.

If You Don’t Mind, get free with Romain Gutsy!

Romain Gutsy is not a really a newcomer. In fact, I know him for a long time. Let me tell you a true story. In...

A “Brand New Start” with Mono Clones

If you like good rock bands with a classical rock approach but with a definitely modern sounding, I may have something for you today with "Brand New Start".
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