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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Human rights breaches in Iran, Tunisia and Cambodia

On Thursday, the European Parliament adopted three resolutions against Human rights breaches in Iran, Tunisia and Cambodia.

Warsaw: MEPs to look into sexual and reproductive health and rights

A delegation of the Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee will hold meetings 2-4 November on women’s rights and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

His Dark Materials: what happens at the end of the books? 

… at the end of the books? Find out here...  In the … a major change to the books MORE: His Dark Materials season … of the second series, leading book fans to take to Twitter …

Report on the risk assessment of N,N-diethyl-2- [[4-(1-methylethoxy)phenyl]methyl]-5-nitro-1Hbenzimidazole- 1-ethanamine (isotonitazene) in accordance with Article 5c of Regulation (EC) No 1920/2006 (as amended)

<em class="pub-author">EMCDDA,</em> <em class="pub-local">Lisbon,</em> <em class="pub-date"><span class="date-display-single" property="dc:date" datatype="xsd:dateTime" content="2020-11-13T00:00:00+00:00">November 2020</span></em> ...

Funeral home directors release book for pastors

… funeral home released a new book aimed at helping pastors in … Hope and Healing” is a book giving tools to pastors, especially … of the book at Christian Publishers Outlet Saturday, November 14. Books can also …
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