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Saturday, March 25, 2023
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$1,500 to the owner with the ugliest dog

The World's Ugliest Dog Contest, held annually in California, has announced that entries are now open for dog owners who think their dog is...

How strong is a cat’s hearing compared to a human’s

Cats are so much more than just being fluffy bundles of love and joy (unless they're waking us up at 7:00am on a Saturday)....

How puzzle toys help your dog

Our pets need a certain amount of physical activity every day. However, not only the exercises that move them and keep them in shape...

Former Zambia international striker was eaten by dogs

Philemon Mulala was torn apart by his own pet dogs Former Zambia international footballer Philemon Mulala was found dead by his wife at their home...

Why are pyrotechnics dangerous for animals?

As every year, different organizations for the protection of animals urged us not to use pyrotechnics for the New Year. Animals can clearly hear sounds...
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