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psychosocial disabilities

Council of Europe’s human rights dilemma

The Council of Europe has come into a serious dilemma between two of its own conventions that contain texts based on outdated discriminatory policies...

UN High Commissioner calls for mental health care to be based on human rights

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, opened the Human Rights Council Intersessional consultation on Mental Health and Human Rights, on 15...

The Human Rights problem of the Council of Europe

In a surprise move, the Committee on Bioethics of the Council of Europe shoved the hot potato of the possible new legal instrument on...

The Old World and the selection of those who does not have the rights to liberty and security of person

The European Convention on Human Rights was drafted by groups and experts within the forming Council of Europe in 1949-1950, based on an earlier...

Use of Coercive Measures in Psychiatry: the case of Denmark

Denial of being listened to including in very personal matters, subjected to the use of force against oneself, coercion, deprivation of liberty, and bodily...
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