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Friday, February 3, 2023
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House of Lords supports Bulgaria and the Bulgarians in Ukraine

The first successfully evacuated Bulgarians from Ukraine arrived in Moldova. The House of Lords in England called for solidarity with Bulgaria against the background of...

A wave of refugees from Ukraine is coming to Bulgaria

According to the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad, approximately 250 to 500,000 people of Bulgarian origin or with Bulgarian identity live in Ukraine. They are...

Romania can accept 500,000 refugees from Ukraine

Romania could set up reception centers, especially in major cities along its 650-kilometer border with Ukraine, and could accept half a million refugees from...

Data on asylum in Bulgaria

The quarterly newsletter of UNHCR Bulgaria “Refugees In Brief” provided inDecember updated information about UNHCR activities and its persons of concern in Bulgaria and...

Unwelcome to ‘Hygge’: The Alienation of Muslim Immigrants in Denmark

The recent changes in the immigration policy stance of the Danish government have led to widespread discontent among immigrants, especially Muslims (Photo credits: By RhinoMind...
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