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Research and innovation

Research: time in quantum mechanics can go back and forth

A team of physicists at the University of Bristol found that the line between time moving forward and backward can blur in quantum mechanics. The...

New humanoid brain helped robots get out of the maze

Scientists from Germany and the Netherlands have presented a method for teaching a robot that helps it navigate in space. The experiment was carried...

Transferring consciousness to a computer: the path to immortality or an unrealistic concept

Despite the fact that every year breakthroughs are made in science, it still cannot defeat death. Where medicine is powerless, technology comes into play....

Biologists succeed in erasing memories

Japanese scientists from Kyoto University were able to erase memories in the brains of experimental mice. For this, the researchers used the technique of...

Mayor of Madrid: “We intend to turn Madrid into the largest digital hub in southern Europe”.

The Mayor of Madrid José Luis Martínez-Almeida has assured that the City Council intends to "turn Madrid into the largest digital hub in southern...

Cybersecurity: MEPs strengthen EU-wide requirements against threats

The new draft law would set tighter cybersecurity obligations in terms of risk management, reporting obligations and information sharing.
Committee on Industry, Research and Energy

Source : © European Union, 2021 - EP

Electrodes in the brain replace painkillers

Stimulation with ultra-thin microelectrodes has no side effects, scientists say. Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have developed a new method of stimulating with ultra-thin...

Passengers in Moscow buy a subway ticket with facial recognition

Many of us happen to be looking for the wallet with the public transport card or ticket pennies, which are usually always at the...

EU plan to replace diesel trucks with electric ones

In early 2021, the EU has set a target of 20,000 environmentally friendly vehicles by 2030 The shift to electric vehicles will affect not only...

Geneticists found three living relatives in the mummy from Switzerland

Christina Wurst from the private research center Eurac Research, together with scientists from Italy and Switzerland, analyzed the woman's mitochondrial DNA and found her...
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