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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Roman empire

The Roman emperor whose wife refuses to save him when he is buried alive

History is full of many love stories despite the fact that love is often not the most important thing when it comes to marriage....

Chemical analysis confirmed the site of death of the XIX Roman legion

German scientists conducted a chemical analysis of artifacts found at the site of the probable death of Roman troops during the battle in the...

Janus, Februm, Mars… Do you know the divine names of the months?

Who names the months and how? Several thousand years passed until the world united around a common way of counting time. Yes, thousands. As early as...

Animal bones and food remains of the ancient Romans have been found under the Colosseum

A year-long study of the drainage system beneath Rome's Colosseum revealed bone fragments of bears and big cats. The animals were probably used for...

Sponsian did exist, although historians had denied it

We are more likely to question events that will happen in the future than those in the past. However, it turns out that the...
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