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Monday, December 5, 2022
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What is the connection between salt and muscle cramps?

See what to do if you get a muscle spasm It is a misconception that salt should accumulate in the body after training. Salt is...

Salt is a drug that leads to hypertension

Salt is addictive, and addiction to it can become a risk factor for hypertension, says the doctor of medical sciences and nutritionist Mariat Mukhina....

Reasons to eat salty foods and how to prevent it

Salt is a part of life. Without it, a number of processes in the body are unthinkable. Salt and mineral salts are actively involved...

Scientists told what will happen if all the salt disappears from the oceans

Salinity is one of the main characteristics of water masses, the distribution of marine organisms and elements of sea currents. It plays a special role in the formation of the biological productivity of the seas and oceans, since many organisms are very susceptible to minor changes, writes Science Focus.
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