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Friday, March 24, 2023
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The James Webb Telescope has discovered the coldest ice in the known universe – and it contains the building blocks of life

Recent observations of ice molecules by the James Webb Space Telescope will help scientists understand how habitable planets form. Using the James Webb Space Telescope...

Stuck in space: The Soyuz MS-22 crew stay is extended by several months

The ship depressurized, possibly after being hit by a micrometeorite The mission of the crew of the manned spacecraft "Soyuz MS-22" will be extended by...

Snow on the ice moon Europa can rain from the bottom up

Jupiter's moon Europa is perhaps the most interesting celestial body in the Solar System for astrobiologists. Europa is slightly smaller than our Moon, but...

The new Russian space station

The Rocket and Space Corporation "Energy" (part of Roscosmos) for the first time shows a model of a prospective Russian orbital station at the...

Dark Matter: Is a Revolution Coming to Physics?

What is dark matter? Does it even exist, or do we just need an adjustment to our theory of gravity? What is dark matter? It...
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