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Sumela Monastery attracted half a million tourists with its brilliant evening facade

Sumela Monastery, one of the most important religious tourism sites in Turkey, attracts the attention of visitors even at night with its shining appearance...

The incredible story of the hotel where you sleep in two countries

Thanks to a little-known international treaty from the mid-19th century, you can experience one of the most exciting adventures If the prospect of finding yourself...

150 euro fine for walking in a swimsuit in Split

In the Croatian city of Split, since the beginning of the year, a new decision regarding the municipal order has been in force, which...

Record: Six million tourists visited the Ottoman palaces in Istanbul

The number of tourists visiting the palaces, mansions and pavilions associated with the Presidency of the National Palaces reached a new record in 2022,...

Regenerative tourism – the new trend that saves the planet

tourism - Sustainable travel is becoming a mainstream practice. Floods, heat waves, wildfires and droughts have brought the environmental theme to the fore in...
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