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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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See the contribution of the Balkans to the intangible cultural heritage of humanity

Seven new elements from the Balkans entered this year's list of UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage: customs in Greece associated with the celebration of the...

December 2023: New inclusions to UNESCO’s cultural heritage

Nastradin Hoxha entered the cultural heritage of UNESCO The Turkish Foreign Ministry has announced the inclusion in the UNESCO list of two multinational values -...

Google created an online hub for Ukrainian culture

The war in Ukraine brings a lot of damage to the entire country, including its cultural institutions such as museums, libraries, galleries, etc. In...

A unique fresco is preserved in the Bulgarian Zemen Monastery

The unknown predecessor of Leonardo da Vinci from our lands saw the biblical plot "The Last Supper" in a different way, which makes the...

Ukraine wants UNESCO to protect Odessa

Russian forces have advanced several tens of kilometers from the city Ukraine's government will ask the UN cultural watchdog to add the historic port of...
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